Who we are

The Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation stands for occupational pension provision with investment products within the Zürcher Kantonalbank Group. We offer innovative, high-performance and sustainable funds and investment groups Made in Switzerland.

What defines us


The experts of our investment partner ensure that the pension assets are invested in the financial market in accordance with the law and in a profit-oriented manner. Nine investment strategies with different risk profiles and investment focuses are available to the insured for this purpose. The insured influence the development of their pension assets by taking the allocation and optimization of their own investment portfolio into their own hands.


With the supplementary pension scheme of the Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation, employers enable their employees to make old-age and risk provision far in excess of the minimum legal requirements. The insured, in turn, largely organize their old-age provision themselves by choosing the investment strategy for their pension assets.


The portfolio management of the investment products takes place 100% in Switzerland and offers access to investment opportunities worldwide.


The Swisscanto 1e collective foundation attaches great importance to being able to offer its policyholders sustainable investment products. When choosing her partners, she makes sure that they pursue sustainability goals or a clear climate strategy.

Create financial and sustainable benefits

The product range of the Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation is designed for responsible old-age and risk provision. On the one hand, the foundation reliably protects all insured persons against the risks of disability or death. At the same time, the individual pension assets of the insured are invested within the framework of the statutory provisions. In addition to their risk protection, the insured also benefit from long-term financial market developments. Thanks to diversified and often sustainable investment strategies, the focus is on the financial and social benefits.

The team behind the Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation

The team at the Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation will be happy to advise you. Regardless of the size of your company, we work with you to define the best pension solution for your company and your employees.


The Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation stands for flexible solutions in the field of occupational pensions.


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