The Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation was established by Swisscanto Pensions Ltd., one of the leading providers of occupational and private pension products in Switzerland. Since our establishment in 1983, we have been offering solid pension solutions together with a number of companies, pension funds and Swiss life insurance companies. Regardless of which services a pension fund wants to outsource, they will find a reliable and competent partner in us.

We manage autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds of all sizes. Pension funds and their boards of trustees are supported by qualified and committed employees. They help them carry out their responsible task with a wide range of services and take some of the workload off their shoulders.

The Board of Trustees of the Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation

Employer representatives


Peter Bächtold


Marco Born


Employee representatives

Eva Birkner


Marco Müller


Organisation and organs of the Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation

Name of foundation

Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation


Stockerstrasse 33, P.O. Box, 8021 Zurich

Type and form

Foundation, with matching reinsurance cover

Type of pension plan

Defined contribution scheme

Year of establishment



Andreas Schmeltzer

Manager and Administration

PFS Pension Fund Services AG


Swisscanto Investment Foundations

Pension actuary

Prevanto AG, Zurich


Ernst & Young Ltd, Zurich

Supervisory authority

Office for Employee Benefits Insurance and Foundation Supervision of the Canton of Zurich (BVS)


Swiss Mobiliar Life Insurance Company Ltd.

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