Pension solutions

An innovative solution for higher-income employees

The Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation is available to people with individual investment needs. The offer is of particular interest to employees who earn more than 1.5 times the BVG upper salary limit (2021: CHF 129’060).

Insurable salary

With this innovative solution, higher-earning employees can accept more responsibility and autonomy for their occupational pension provision. Insured persons can therefore actively tailor their pension provision to their personal needs.

Standard BVG basic insurance does not provide any opportunity to directly influence investment strategy. This means that all insured persons are invested in the same way, regardless of their personal risk requirements. The Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation now offers highly flexible options for salary components above 1.5 times the BVG upper salary limit.

Your advantages

  • With 1e plans, insured persons can choose their own investment strategy.
  • If needed, the investment strategy can be changed every month.
  • Every individual employee can currently choose from six different investment strategies.
  • Every insured person can optimise their yield in line with their investment horizon and risk tolerance.
  • All 1e beneficiaries have online access that allows them to change their investment strategy every month.
  • Additional information and simulations (e.g. risk trends) can also be accessed online.
  • Depending on the structure of the solution, companies subject to IAS/IFRS can reduce their obligations.

This personal responsibility and transparency heralds a new era for extra-mandatory occupational pensions. The Swisscanto 1e Collective Foundation is ideally suited to this challenge and can offer you  competent advice about all Pillar 2 matters.