Swisscanto (CH) Money Market Fund Opportunities CHF DT CHF

The fund's investment objective is to earn regular income while preserving the capital in the long term.

Important features: The fund primarily invests directly and indirectly in money market instruments denominated in Swiss francs (CHF) of private and public issuers worldwide as well as in time and fixed-term deposits with banks worldwide. The residual term of the individual investments may not be more than two years, provided that the date for the next interest rate adjustment is not more than 397 days away.


Cumulated in %Dec 18Jan 19Feb 19Mar 19Apr 19May 19Jun 19Jul 19Aug 19Sep 19Oct 19Nov 19
Swisscanto Money Market Fund -0.74 -0.06 -0.11 -0.14 -0.17 -0.24 -0.28 -0.32 -0.34 -0.46
Benchmark -0.93 -0.07 -0.13 -0.21 -0.27 * * * * *

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